Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Go places; and do something

I've always been bothered that there are so many places on this earth to go, that I won't be able to see. And I want to. I want to meet everyone I can. Whose to tell me I can't? Whose to tell me the farthest place I'll ever go is Florida. That I'll only ever see the east coast. Why is the deciding factor always MONEY. There is a whole planet, different countries, many cities- so many people; I'll never get to experience that. I'm not fine where I'm at. The Sagittarius in me wants to go go go. Explore. 
I've never moved as a kid- my mother still lives in the same house I grew up in. I live 15 minutes from that house. 
I've done some research in the past about the peace corps.... wish I jumped on that ship back in the day. 
One day Silas will be in college.... I'm planning to live abroad...
South Africa 
Cape Town perhaps. 
I will see you world..... I will.