Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I wanted to wait a bit before I told this story. But there is no good Segway that I can post after series one.  This wasn't my second experience, but it was definitely my most memorable.
There is this place around our county, every kid has tried to explore.
It's not a hidden gem. It's very well known. It's dangerous for three reasons.

  1. It's haunted
  2. It's guarded 
  3. It's falling apart 
The homestead asylum.
Also known as; the insane asylum.
In reality, it was a tuberculosis ward. 
You can read about the history if you wish, you can easily find it's location. That's not what this story is about. 
At age 20 there was no doubt in my mind that ghost exist. I've always felt that  they are drawn to me, unfortunately. My boyfriend felt differently (at the time) and didn't believe in any of that nonsense. And he was going to prove it. By taking me to someplace I've always wanted to explore. Someplace he's been a dozen times. He said there was NOTHING to be scared about, he would spend the night for god sakes. The hardest part would be getting inside undetected by the care taker. We each brought along our best friends, Chris and Chloe. 
I told Ta if he went in with me something was going to happen. So I guess we both were trying to prove something to each other.... 
Chloe really didn't want to "explore" like we all did.... we told her we would leave her alone if she wouldn't come so she was forced. Us girls had one rule, we're not going to the basement. So after a few minutes of the tour and getting turned around, guess where we ended up.
Ta and I were holding arms walking ahead of Chris and Chloe.... walking down a few small steps
"Oh, it's.... the basement" 
We took one step in together, 
And heard this noise... I'm not sure I can really explain in writing. 
It sounded like the background rumble in scary movies. 
Just a paranormal growl almost. Wrapping around the room. So loud so intense. Sounded to me like a demon. It didn't say words but we knew what it meant..... GET OUT 
We turned around screaming pushing Chris and Chloe out of the way. We were all smushed on the staircase for a minute in panic. They didn't hear anything..... they were right behind us. 
When we got back to the car Ta said "what the hell was that dude?!" 
And I said  "I told you...."