Wednesday, February 22, 2017



      There were four of us. I forget whose idea it was, probably one of the older girls. I locked the door on the rare chance my mother wanted to check and see what we were doing. We plugged in our Christmas faux candle, because we were too little to use a real one… or matches. Turned off the lights. In a circle we held hands, and chanted together “spirits come to us”. Three times.

The light went out.

We all ran to the door screaming, frantic, because it was locked.

My mother said no more séance’s at our house.

When I went back to see what happened it looked like there was finger prints burnt into the bulb. Like someone grabbed it, to put it out.

      This was the first spiritual experience I’ve ever had, that I can remember.
I heard in a movie once, if you call out to one ghost they all can hear you.
Maybe this is where it all started.
      Many more to come.