Wednesday, February 15, 2017

24 and....

Twenty four and snore..
24 and I NEED MORE!.
Just kidding.
Two years later and I'm back on blogger. 
I'm glad I kept this up even though I didn't post.
Even though I've most likely lost all my readers .
Even if I'm the only one reading,  I still find the need to write .
I like the feeling of having a space that is all mine , to create.
Which was the sole purpose of this blog. 
Even though I was unsuccessful. 
Let's keep trying

The reason I hoped back on blogger, I was sitting at work at my new job. And made a "vision list" , like a vision board. But a list. And I filled up the whole page. In about three minutes. The list included my hopes and dreams , and everything I need to complete them. Goals , notes, and positive affirmations. I like making things. I like creating. I'm going to do it. And a fraction starts here.