Sunday, August 9, 2015

a poem

On being pregnant
The most important thing that I can do right now is stay positive
That shouldn't be to hard considering I have blessings upon blessings coming my way
But things change in an instant
You never know what to expect
What to feel
Being pregnant is trying to relax
When you have a million things to do
It can ache every muscle, every bone, every artery in your body
But you Don't feel pain
It makes you whine to your family
& tell strangers  "I feel great!"
Being pregnant is trying to let out what your feeling inside and somehow the whole thing gets scrambled into
Then you cry because no one knows how your feeling
Or what you mean
You can never get a point across
And if there comes a time where you have a valid point
You'll forget it
.....what was I gonna say?....
Its trying to figure out a whole new life
A new outlook
A new routine
Who is this person going to be?
Who am I going to be?
Who will we be?
What will we all be
What should
We be doing....
Being pregnant is comparing the best and the worst
What is better?
It is being terrified
Of what is to come
Of the world
Of others
Of yourself
Of someone so little
That you never have even met yet
Whose Probably not so scary after all
Who is going to be so sweet
Who is an extension of you
& the person you love.
Being pregnant is about being strong
 letting go
Just excepting
What is
& what isn't
And loving that
Loving every second of everything
And everyone
Because in the long run
That's all you can do