Monday, June 29, 2015

A few quick updates

I've been meaning to blog...
A ton of stuff has been going on. I've wanted to update my blog about the progress and projects.
But my surface pro 2, is out of order for the time being... which is rather inconvenient.
So here is just a quick speed read, written on my phone, about  what has been going on.
-The boys room is painted.
I wanted to do a mountain theme for the babies nursery. Tas son Trey has been extremely understanding about sharing a room with his brother. He is so excited and he is the sweetest little boy.
-We built Trey a floating loft bed
My father and Ta surprised me while I was out and about one evening. They constructed a one of a kind loft bed for Trey... He loves it... we are on the hunt for black bear sheets....
-The babies crib is put together
I got this crib so so long ago.... and it's been in the box begging to be opened. We finally put it together and I love the look. I chose the grey delta manhatten crib, from wayfair. It goes perfectly with our modern theme for the boys room. I swear they have the coolest room.
Attached are some photos of our progress. I got the green grass rug and the faux mountain goat rug from ikea.  As well as the dresser (which is amazing... self closing drawers! & basket area for diapers and wipes!)
That's all for now folks. Hopefully soon I can get my surface pro 2 back in working order...