Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feed me green

Before I was pregnant my diet consisted of
Mountain dew Baja blast
Sour worms
And sunflower seeds.
Now I have another little being
to think of , when choosing what goes into
our bodies.
This is a quick healthy delicious meal, that won't make you reach for the cheezits when your done.
We have been obsessed with grilling this spring, any excuse to go outside really. It's super helpful too because all I have to do is marinate, meal prep, & ask the "grill master" to do the rest. Also if it turns up burnt I can blame it on someone else.
Last night we chose lemon butter flounder with rosemary, and garlic parmesian asparagus.
I put the asparagus in a freezer bag added olive oil; garlic salt; fresh garlic; shake cheese [parm] &shook it all up. Plopped it on foil. Wah lah
For the fish I sprayed down the foil with PAM! Then threw some lemon juice on wildly caught thin sliced boneless flounder fillets. Sprinkled on some rosemary also lemon pepper seasoning & added a few slices of butter.
I loosely covered it with a top sheet of foil and your done. The grill master did the rest. We put the asparagus on first cuz we like is soft but still crispy. And the fish didn't take long at all ... I'm not sure how long because that wasn't up to me. Be careful not to flip the fish because it's light & delicate,  it will fall apart.
I don't have the finish product photos because we ate it so quick! It was perfect and healthy. I hope my little guy enjoyed it as well.
Eating healthy makes me feel way better about having oreos and milk for desert.
Have a wonderful afternoon; I LOVE thursdays...