Thursday, May 28, 2015

About love

The way I felt meeting Ta, for the first time is crystal clear to me.
 I can't remember the rest of that night, what was said or what I was doing. But I can remember something inside me being instantly drawn to him like a bear is to honey.
Without saying a word it was like his soul was screaming "figure me out." I didn't even have one second to think about it, I had no idea, no plan.... I just went with it. It was like second nature. At first glance I saw him as one of those guys that is almost too cool. He didn't try hard, to get mine or any one else's, attention. He didn't seem interested in a conversation even. He didn't look overly impressed by the party,  even though my friends were wild and crazy as they come.   He wasn't looking for anything he didn't already have. He was content.  Almost mysterious.... at the same time being nonchalant. But what happened was the complete opposite from what he was putting off. 
He got my attention, we held a conversation... and everything he said was captivating to me, I was hooked.
  I was probably making a fool of myself drooling over a stranger but it worked some how....

In a few short days the number of times we saw each other couldn't have been a coincidence.
He just kept hanging around, I'd see him here and there. I tried my best to keep it that way. We had so much fun.
And being together was effortless. Secretly I was tip toeing around this person trying to figure him out.
& Trying to impress him for some unknown reason at the time . Most likely being blatantly obvious while doing so, but he didn't seem to notice.
Once I did get to know him, one tiny peek, a sliver, into what he was about - I needed to know more. I had to consume myself with this person instantly. I felt like I would never have enough time with him, to know everything, how he works, what he was thinking, how he was feeling, what he loved , what he hated. I admired this person, intensely.
With out thinking much into it or knowing what we were getting into.... everything just kept falling into place. Since the moment we met, & the first time we kissed, our chemistry together is undeniable. We are magnetic to one another.  He's the positive to my negative. I really believe that opposites attract....
I'm a Sagittarius he is a cancer. .. read about it.
  • What made me fell in love with ta
Being together was enough;
We never had a plan or anything to do.
We had no money and the best times together I could ever imagine.
Just walking around aimlessly. Exploring. Talking.
  I think when I'm older I'll look back at those times and think "I was never happier than that".
It was never about what we had planned or what we wanted.
We had each other. We didn't think about anything else.
It didn't even occur to us there was ever anything more. We had everything we needed.
He was so relaxed. & so funny.
Have you ever met a person so intense about being relaxed? I think that describes him well... nothing seemed to bother him. He used to do the craziest things in the most low key places, he could make anyone laugh. His smile transcended onto everyone around him at all times.  He really was too cool.
He has always had this effortless passion about him. He knew what he liked.
And there was never a time I or anyone else, could change his mind about anything.
  • What I have learned about ta
He is so passionate. & so smart.
Any normal person can say "I like that"...
Ta takes what he likes, studies it, learns and knows everything about it. Can tell you every detail, every fact, the best way to do it.
 He wants everyone to feel as passionately about what he likes as he does.
 He is consumed by his interests & takes them to the next level.
Everything he does, he does 110% . He works so hard. And great is never good enough.
He always strives to be better. I admire this.
 I hope our son has this drive, to do what matters most to him.
I hope our son has his big heart.
Ta is the closest thing to fate I think I will ever experience. Without one conscious thought, I just followed my life & I feel like life lead us to each other.  After everything we've been through, I just wanted to say I am eternally grateful, and I truly feel blessed.



I love you hunny, happy two year anniversary, I cant wait to have many more. I'm so lucky to be on this journey with you. You make your girl so happy. xxo