Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I just wanted to write a short post about my local newspaper. Because I'm 22, I like to read my news online. If an actual paper was around of corse I would read it, but I moved to Gansevoort and we don't get it. I like to read the police blotter mostly, but the saratogian online app doesn't have the current police blotter... last time they updated it was I think in February. So I switched to view the desktop site. Then an add popped up. I didn't read it...I hit no thanks. I go to click on the saratoga crime add pops up I hit no thanks. It brings me back to the home page.  I click on some robbery thing I see on the home page... an add pops up. It reads
"Your 30 day free article limit has been reached, please sign up to read this article"
Does every town/newspaper make you pay to find out what is happening in your community? If I'm a young person wanting to be informed I have to pay for that?... I swear everything is about the dollar these days. Not about community or news.
My blog will always be free. If you need a good read. Sorry I can't inform you who robbed your local piggilly wiggly. I no longer have access to that information.