Wednesday, March 4, 2015

project sketchbook

Four sketchbooks deep.
As far back as high school,
[The oldest stuff is first]
I use a variety of mediums,
As well as multiple things to inspire me.
Some things require an explanation,
Some things are just a mess.
[more then] A few are unfinished.
Here is everything you can find in my sketchbooks.

In high school I only could draw half of faces....
Also I used the tag "lazy"....[lazy]


These are my eyes I had to draw for art
On one of my pictures my teacher wrote
"good observation skills, but slow down!"
I always say if I can't finish a piece in less the 20 minutes it doesn't get completed.


This is a portrait I did of my best friend chloe, while we were in school.
Picture I drew for my love <3




my babe & I






The above eight photos are inspired by Brian Frouds artwork in

Aztec two-step lyrics
s o h a m


My kitten.
A day doing better things at my messy & horrible work.