Friday, February 27, 2015

S a g i t t a r i u s

The last few days have been... out of the ordinary. I would hate to say they were awful, but I've been feeling kind of -blue- [in the, not so positive, way]. I decided to check if mercury was in retrograde this morning. Mercury is in retrograde during certain dates of every year, basically it stops and appears to go backwards. This causes many peoples lives to go mad, generally speaking. Although it really depends which sign mercury is in. Different signs causes different incidents to happen, in such aspects of life like your home, family, work, plans etc. This year the retrogrades are in all air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. This happens to be more of a cerebral effect on us. It messes with our mind and memory. It is recommended to "air out our thoughts". Relax and don't over think. BUT FEAR YOU NOT, mercury is not in retrograde at the moment. I'm just having a spell of bad luck apparently. It was in retrograde January 21- February 11, did you notice? The upcoming dates are May 19- June 11 & September 17 - October 9. September 17th is a very important date for my family and I, so wish us luck and send positive vibes our way if you remember.
In high school one of the classes I actually enjoyed was astronomy, I could either choose that or chemistry. I did really well and my teacher was awesome. Although it differs from astrology I love learning about both. Its really interesting to me. So I took the time this morning to find out a little more about my sign and how it effects me personally. This is really easy to do their is a ton of apps for it, and its fun so I recommend it to everyone. I saw online once someone wrote: "reading your horoscope and living by it is like believing what your fortune says in a fortune cookie". I thought that was sad, because I believe in both! But fortune cookies sometimes are ridiculous. Oh well. As you might have guessed I'm a Sagittarius. Positive characteristics are flexible, adventurous, creative, optimistic, spiritual, light-hearted, & free-spirited! The negatives: careless, impatient, and inconsistent. I was born in the second decan, between December 3 & December 12. This means I'm ruled by the moon and mars. Apparently this is one of the most feared decans of the zodiac. It seems to be about hidden knowledge and the importance of using it wisely. I am a fire element, passion, fits of anger and impatience take over reason and reflection. Fire elements are ambitious and reckless. I am a Gemini ascendant, [this is my rising sun sign]. I found this interesting because both my parents are Gemini. Gemini rising people see the world as a place to learn and are curious about everyone around them. My moon sign is cancer, we are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. My boyfriend is a cancer, he is a water element. We are opposite in almost every way, but you know what they say.
I don't know if all this stuff interests you but I love to believe in it, and find out all the information I can. Today my horoscope said the moon is in Gemini, I found out the moon changes which sign its in every 2 1/2 days. But I haven't been able to find a calendar which tells me every moon date of the year. So if you know or can find me a link post it in the comments below! Their is so much to get into when it comes to astrology.... I love it all! Sorry for the lengthy post, I thought i'd share what I got into this morning [now afternoon]. You probably already know your Chinese zodiac, but their is another one called druid signs. Its a celtic tree astrology sign, I really enjoyed this one. Although a lot of different sites have different types of trees, I'm not sure which is accurate. If you know let me know!
Side note; on pinterest I saw Sagittarius color is turquoise---> so insert that into another example of 'why blue'.
Happy Friday.
[Sagittarius constellation, I did not take this photo]