Wednesday, February 25, 2015

i could hear it from the birds

Today started out different then most.
Usually, I cringe waking up a little past 8, to make work at 9.
But this morning, just before seven, I couldn't fall back to sleep.
I live next to a farm, so every so often I hear the rooster.
It wasn't the rooster today, it was spring.
Okay, so there is still mountains of snow on the ground.
& this week will have days below zero.
But I'm telling you I hear spring.
& I can almost smell it.
A bunch of chirping, cawing, and singing started out my morning just right.
It was beautiful. I wish I could identify which birds were out there.
I started thinking about all the things I want to get done, come spring.
You know all the good stuff, like spring cleaning, redecorating, gardening.
I looked at the extended forecast, and predicted about 34 days till we have consistent nice weather.
That I can do...
I don't want to hear anymore complaining New Yorkers.
We have reached the last stretch of the cold, grayness.
Positive thoughts only THINK SPRING.

I can't wait to start my sunflower garden this year at our new home.
& I'm not going to be sad the month of April when we still have this snow, because it may not ever melt.
I'm excited for the rain, and I'm ready for the change of season.
I will be so grateful.
Here are a few photos I took of my previous sunflower garden.
Just so you can get a little positive spring spirit.

& here is two birds in the rain.
This is taken right out side my front door.
I love this picture.