Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Blue.

The color blue
represents calmness, serenity
                   things I need in my life.
It is often associated with a feeling
of sadness
A tad melancholy.
But I believe
its whimsical its free flowing.
Blue is organic & pure.
Pretty common, relaxing, and very cool.

You know when you start thinking about something, and then you see it everywhere. Sometimes it happens with numbers. This year its been the color blue for me. I wouldn't say its my favorite color... it is more of an emotion. We decided to paint our main room a deep blue. I love it.
A dear friend of mine shared a new book she got "colorstrology" with me, basically its a book of every day of the year and the color associated with it. So I found my birthday and my color was "delft". Almost the same exact color we painted our main room. Mostly deep blue with a hint of grayish purple undertone. The description was
Decembers birthstone is topaz, hasn't always been my favorite. But the book didn't have all blues for December, I don't think it really follows birthstone guidelines.
[I checked another friends birthday December 21
And her color was evergreen
I was jealous because of that new ed sheeran song...]
Here's a few other small coincidences about my color blue, that don't have much meaning but ill add more as they come.
-My new versa is blue
-My boys new dodge is blue
-Our new home is blue
-My eyes, blue [I'm flattering myself they are more gray]
-My first tattoo was all blue, then I got it filled in after ....but still
-Started yoga this year, I had a pink mat but my hubby decided to use it for transporting a latter on top of my old car so it wouldn't slide off.... and who knows where it is now, so now I'm stuck with his mat and you guessed it, its blue.