Friday, January 9, 2015

The Field Of Love

For those of you who don't know me
To have met me a year ago, you would believe I have a crazy evil twin.
I owe a great deal of my attitude turn around to
the book "Field of love: how to experience the field" by Martin Birritella.
[By the way this book is FREE on kindle]
Much like any self absorbed 20 year old I was a pisser.
I was off my rocker.
Partying hard and unfocused.
Not getting far in life and not caring.
I couldn't figure out what I did to deserve all the misfortunes that kept coming my way.
I didn't even comprehend that maybe I should make some life changes.

My mother made me watch the secret when I was younger
[but I always thought it was a load of
because to know my mother
Is to know she's into cult-like nonsense]
But my dearest friend was the one to remind me of it
after I got into serious trouble.
Ever since my guy and I started thinking positively
about ourselves, each other, and the life we were creating around us
we both noticed an immense turn around in a very short time after we watched the video.
We quickly learned this life is what you put into it.
If you send the universe wonderful vibes, and nothing else
the universe will send you wonderful experiences right back.
Once I had a tangible grasp on what I could do with this blessing, I was eager to take it a step farther.
[back to my ever so lovely and helpful mother]
 My mom, in her more realistic years, has been into meditation for a while now. She has recommended this to me time and time again, due to my high levels of stress and anxiety.
I started looking into books about meditation and natural approaches to deal with stress.
Like most people I'm so against prescription drugs, especially the mind altering pharmaceuticals they push on children, for those particular illnesses.
 [They are THE WORST]
On my kindle
I stumbled upon Mr.Birritellas book and what an inspiration it was.
I recommend this book to anybody wanting to see their world in a new light.
I've talked about before that I've gotten good at
rearranging anger and frustration into something positive. I learned that from his book.
He writes,
"Even in the midst of strong emotion such as anger, sadness, or love moving through us, we have the ability to simply be aware of the thought or feeling and move our attention."
[So you may be thinking...
Your whole point is when your feeling some type of way,
Just think about something else?
... I don't need a whole book to tell me that] 
The reason I've had success with this, which he mentions in his book, is because... it feels good. Our body, mind, and spirit reacts to this positive treatment. You begin to feel clear minded, even in the most frustrating situations, you are able to make rational, correct decisions. Its like the answer to your problems were right in front of you the whole time. & like I said before, it gets easier over time because naturally our brain knows what to do. Its responds so quickly to feeling better and feeling good.
"It becomes a learned behavior and it starts to feel uncomfortable if we don't move it. Its that simple."
This is only one of the many lessons I've learned from this book.
[Martin THANK YOU!]
I will end with another quote from his book, which touched a particular place in my heart &personally helped me so much as a human being.
It is extremely important
that we are loving & kind
To ourselves
At all times
No matter what we have done
Or what someone else has done to us
Or anyone else.
I can't emphasize enough being kind to oneself. It is what Rumi referred to when he wrote, "Beyond the ideas of right or wrong doing there is a Field. I will meet you there."