Monday, December 29, 2014


Amongst us all its what we strive for.
Satisfaction that what we are doing, is beneficial to us somehow.
But what if you don't have that.
                                           [ What if your in Your
                                            Sitting at work
                                             That job that you hate
                               That job that you have to keep
                            That job that you work hard for
                              That job that's wasting those precious youthful moments
you have left
                              What if you didn't go to school
                               Didn't do to well at school
                               Paying off school and
                               You don't know where the hell
                               To go from here....]
Phish - Alumni Blues - 8/15/11 - UIC Pavilion, Ch…:
You hear it all the time
                                  [From people who are rich  ] 
But if you were to do that you would be broke, because you love Netflix and cheezits.
You need to find a purpose, something to do - worth doing. Its harder then it sounds for some people.
[specially for people around my age]

Coming out of your teenage years is difficult. You hear about the state helping babies, school kids, seniors, Unemployed people, and poor families. Young adults get left out to fend on their own. Your parents are tired and broke by now so you want to give them a break. You don't have and you need basic things to live and get going. A home, a car , and a billion little things that come with those two essentials.
                                     [Bills bills bills bills bills]
Your trying to do the right thing. But the world we live in makes it difficult for us in our 20s. We do the crappy entry level jobs no one wants just hoping to move up a hair or get a .50 cent raise.  It may feel like we are stuck doing what we are doing for NO reason at all. Pointless.
                                      [Just routine.
                                         Day in day out.
                                            Same thing
                                               Over and Over]
I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.
So change  it.
Rearranging frustration into something positive.  I do this a lot . It gets easier over time.
                                          [More on that later]
 The purpose of this blog is to create an artistic outlet for myself and my community. I want to hear how people are feeling as well as share what is bringing me happiness and personal growth. Every time I work customers come in and share bits and pieces of their lives and problems. My mother always said "you have one of those faces" where people just come up and feel like they can tell you their whole life story. I don't mind it. I accept it and I want to help each and everyone of those people who are willing to open up their souls and share. Eventually I'd like to get an anonymous advice column on here...
[if I ever figure out how to do it]
I also would like to share my projects, crafts, artwork and photography. Maybe a few recipes....
You can see some of my favorite photos I took in the right side gadget ▶
Eventually I'd like to open an online store with handmade and natural goods. Also show products I love that you can purchase around my area.
My new years resolution will be to see more music this year.
Their is no better feeling then being indulged by live music and having a group of people to share the experience with, all following the same vibe.
If I like a song or go see a band I would like to show you what's good so your ears can be as happy as mine.
I have a lot of hopes for this blog. I wish to put much effort into it. But it won't amount to anything without readers and responders. So please share your thoughts and what you would appreciate in a blog.