Saturday, December 27, 2014

22& blue.

22& blue.
I decided to start a blog. Apparently they said this was the first step. Admitting you have a problem.
                                                           [With buying home decor
         Painting and repainting rooms in my house
                                              Re purposing garbage
                                                   And anything DIY]
                                               [I'm doing it myself!]
Hello my name is jenileigh, creative dreamer, artistic adventurer, primitive personality.
I've had this vision for a while now- sharing my thoughts and ideas of what's around me, of what I want to create. But turning 22 has been an inspiration. A beautifully painted stepping stone, that's gotten the ball rollin'. I've been experiencing a change, a strong craving for bigger and better things.
I imagine there comes a time in every one's life where they say
                                       [Oh s**t ,  ima grown up]
it's time to get serious.
I've reached that time.....
                                 [on a snowy day... last week]
It's time to express what I'm passionate about. Time to do something that matters to me, for me
                                                           [For you too :]
& in my world, if I don't have, creativity, originality, imaginative energy and a positive spirit,
I have nothing.
So here we begin.
                                                             [To share
                                                                 & love]